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As a leading lobbying firm, at WP Group Mexico, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ core business better than anyone else and working as zealous advocates for their benefit.

About Us

Focusing on Results

Consultores Legislativos, affiliated to WP Group Mexico, was co-founded nearly two decades ago by a former political party leader that governed Mexico uninterruptedly for more than 70 years and held the most relevant positions as a Senator and Representative for more than 24 years. Since our beginnings, the firm has had members of Mexico´s main political parties. Therefore, we have strong relationships with the stakeholders and principals in the main political parties that have governed Mexico at the federal and state levels. We have represented Fortune 500 companies with their issues before the Federal Mexican Congress and the Executive branch.

To better serve our clients, our firm is affiliated to Washington, D.C.-based WP Group, which provides public affairs consulting services in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


Partnering for Success

Ricardo Carbajal

Co-Founder of Consultores Legislativos, affiliated to WP Group Mexico

Mr. Carbajal began his career in Mexico’s Federal Congress, where he worked for the major political party leader and with whom he later formed one of Mexico´s leading lobbying firms. He has developed lobbying strategies for Coca-Cola, Nissan, HSBC, and McDonald´s; and industrial and business chambers, including the National Steel Industrial Chamber-CANACERO, National Restaurant Association-CANIRAC, Passenger Transport Chamber-CANAPAT, and the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Mexico´s largest electric energy producer. He ran twice for a seat in Mexico City’s Congress, served as head of communications during the Arne Aus den Ruthen administration, used as a reference for best government practices for Mexico City. He worked as Director of Human Resources of the Municipality of Miguel Hidalgo, responsible for negotiations with 29 union sections with more than seven thousand employees. Mr. Carbajal holds a Master in Business Administration from the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas and degree in Public Administration and Political Sciences. He studied marketing and consultancy at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales, France.


Executing Winning Strategies

As a result of our vast experience and know-how, we work confidently with our clients to define    objectives and strategies, plan for success, and respond to all encountered situations accordingly.

Our services in public affairs and government relations include:

Lobbying and Advocacy                             
Crisis Management
Coalition Building and Management
Strategic Communications
Highly Integrated Strategy and Action Plans Crafting
Policy and Legislative Proposals Analysis and Writing
Legislative and Executive Branch Activity Monitoring
Government Agency and Legislative Presentations

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