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WP Group Panama is a consulting firm with deep roots in law, dedicated to lobbying and public affairs, advising companies on government, legislative, and public policy issues.

About Us

Focusing on Results

At WP Group Panama, we have vast experience in public affairs, and members of our team have held important public positions, both elected and appointed. This experience, combined with the practice of law, allows us to advise clients on public affairs, monitor the policies that occur in their sector, and represent their interests before all spheres of government.

To better serve our clients, our firm is part of Washington, D.C.-based WP Group, which provides public affairs consulting services in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


Partnering for Success

Carlos Eduardo Rubio

CEO of WP Group Panama

Mr. Rubio is a prominent lawyer who has held high-level government positions in Panamá. From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Rubio served as Deputy Minister of Government and Minister of Government (Interior). As Minister of Government, Mr. Rubio implemented numerous programs based on four axes: access to justice for the strengthening of the rule of law and peaceful coexistence, democracy and governance, civil protection and humanitarian assistance, and a penitentiary reform focused on the resocialization of prisoners. He holds a J.D. in Political Science.


Executing Winning Strategies

As a result of our vast experience and know-how, we work confidently with our clients to define objectives and strategies, plan for success, and respond to all encountered situations accordingly.

Our services in public affairs and government relations include:

Lobbying and Advocacy                                   
Crisis Management
Coalition Building and Management
Strategic Communications
Highly Integrated Strategy and Action Plans Crafting
Policy and Legislative Proposals Analysis and Writing
Legislative and Executive Branch Activity Monitoring
Government Agency and Legislative Presentations

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